Exclusive: Local filipino loses 20 relatives to typhoon

Exclusive: Local filipino loses 20 relatives to typhoon

Rodgie Frey has lost two brothers, a sister, and nieces and nephews to typhoon Haiyan.

Greenwood native Rodgie Frey is crying for help. She’s lost 20 family members including two brothers, a sister, and nieces and nephews to super typhoon Haiyan.

“They took the kids to the shelter and the shelter collapsed,” said Frey.

Frey said it’s left on her left on her shoulders to support the rest of her family that survived, all starving in a small town 20 minutes outside of Tacloban.

“I’m here eating good,” said Frey. “Imagine my family over there suffering.”

Her husband said they’ve sent close to a $1,000, nearly all of their savings, to family living in Manilla. Those relatives use the money to rent a bus and buy food to transport to
the outskirts of Tacloban, where the family is seeking shelter in a school. The typical 24 hour bus ride is taking much longer, since the roads aren’t clear and the bus has to travel on ferries to get to the other islands.

“All they want is food, water, and medicine. A lot of people say donation is coming, but it never get to the place where I come from,” said Frey.

With more than 300 relatives living near Tacloban, the typical large Filipino family, she cries knowing she can't save them on her own.  

“If somebody have a heart to give two dollars, five dollars, it’s mean a lot to them,” said Frey.

If you’d like to help, you can contact Rodgie’s husband, James at jamesfrey926@gmail.com

An account has been set up at the Barksdale Federal Credit Union to assist the families of local Filipinos who’ve survived the storm. The account name is Filipino American Association Donation Account, with account number 1345575004. If you’re writing a check, the memo should indicate Typhoon Haiyan.

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