Fatal apartment fire victim identified

A man is dead, and his son recovering after an early morning fire at a Shreveport apartment complex.
A man is dead, and his son recovering after an early morning fire at a Shreveport apartment complex.

Antroious Kinsey, 31, was cooking in his kitchen when it developed into a fire.

NBC 6 Reporter Morgan Thomas has the story.

Tenants at this shreveport apartment complex are coming to terms with the aftermath of an overnight fire.
<George Green, resident:> 'Heard a lot of commotion... ran outside see a lot of smoke, a lot of people, big crowd.  They said it was a fire."
            One man is dead and his seven-year old son recovers in a local hospital.
<Fire Chief Craig Mulford, SFD:> "Its always when you have to report a fire fatality... it could've been far worse... we could be talking about two fire fatalities instead of one."
            S-f-d fire chief craig mulford believes the bravery of his fire-fighters may have saved this little boy's life..
<Mulford:> "As soon as our firefighters got in there, two of the firefighters went beyond the hoseline where some of the other firefighters were bringing the fire under control to recover that indiv. from his room."
            Or he may have saved his own --- thanks to fire training local students get at school.
<Mulford:> "some of the things we encountered last night with the young man behind a closed door, and the fact that he wasn't on the bed - he was laying prone on the floor; that he had taken some steps that he'd been taught through public education."
<Reporter Stand-Up:> "This is some of the debris from the upstairs unit behind me... other units we're also damaged and residents moved to other apartment buildings."
            Fire officials say seven other families were inside the building when the fire broke out.
            They all got out safely.
<Green:> "Glad that no one else was injured."
            Green says he'll keep the father and son in his prayers.
<Green:> "They said he died.  I felt like man, that's messed up.  I've seen him before we spoke a couple of times... I pray the best for them."
Chief mulford says the cause is still under investigation.
            The victims names have not been released.

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