Fired Benton daycare worker has clear criminal history

Fired Benton daycare worker has clear criminal history

Fired daycare worker JP Bell faces two counts of child cruelty charges.
In Bossier Parish, a 19-year-old faces cruelty charges, after police catch her, on camera, dragging a child by the leg at a daycare.

A worker from Miss Holli's Child Development Center in Benton is fired and facing child cruelty charges.

A witness says she saw 19-year-old JP Bell, dragging a child by the leg across the playground

The witness just got finished working out at Anytime Fitness, when she heard aggressive yelling. That's when she saw the incident.

But that's not all. Police looked further back on surveillance video and saw another child that Bell handled roughly.

Police say Bell picked a child up by one arm.

"And when she picked him up, he was off the ground and he was coming up front like she was going to hold him,” says Det. Collier. “But it was, I mean it was a little bit on the rough side."

Police say Bell has a clear criminal history, and doesn't even have a speeding ticket.

We also looked at the daycare's inspection history.

The daycare was found lacking criminal background checks on employees and minimum licensing requirements in 2011 and 2012.

But on the last inspection, done on October 2, 2013, it came back without any discrepancies.

The owner didn't want to comment today, but will release a statement later.

Police say they're just glad the children involved weren't seriously injured.

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