Fixing the Affordable Care Act

Fixing the Affordable Care Act

Today's House hearings focused on website problems, security and canceled policies. Steve Handelsman reports.
Today's House hearings focused on website problems, security and canceled policies. Steve Handelsman reports.

The formal numbers are finally out on Obamacare signup and it's bad.

A bit more than 106,000 in the first month and even fewer of those people than earlier reported signed up on

On Capitol Hill republican claimed those trying to sign up face identity theft.

Administration officials denied that but blamed the website for today's low numbers

According to the latest figures just 27,000 signed up thru the federal website.

The rest signed up thru state exchanges and nearly one million made it thru the process and have not yet picked a plan.

House republicans charged today that hackers can penetrate the site.

"They may soon find your social security number or your sensitive information because there was no integrated security testing before the launch, said republican Congressman Darrell Issa of California.

Contractor reports warned of security flaws last summer.

Chief project manager Henry Chao said he did not see them and insists the site is safe now.

"It was designed implemented and tested to be secure," said Chao.

"Would you put your information in there?" asked republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz of Utah.

"I would have to see what the security testing has been since then," said David Powner, Director of information technology management issues at the
Government Accountability Office

"So the answer is not yet yes," replied Chaffetz.

Another issue is the 4 million people losing the plan they have despite the Obama promise they wouldn't.

Republicans said he'd told them otherwise in 2010:

"The president actually admitted that he knew people would lose their plans but he kept making this false promise" said republican Congressman Eric Cantor of Virginia.

The White House said the president will fix it

"Sooner rather than later," White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters.

And the website officials insisted they'll hit their December 1st deadline to have the site fixed.

Administration officials insist that once is working well signup will explode in a good way.

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