Only on NBC 6: Marshall City Manager resigns

Marshall Commissioners say they were displeased with the performance of City Manager Frank Johnson.
City commissioners in Marshall, Texas, say they were not happy with the performance of Frank Johnson, the city manager.

Johnson resigned Thursday night after meeting in executive session with the seven commissioners for about 2.5 hours. They commission voted six to one to accept his resignation.

City leaders did not give specific reasons of why they were unhappy with Johnson’s performance.

Several people I spoke to say Johnson did a great job, and they're sad that things didn't work out.

"My personal feelings [are] the city manager has done a good job, and obviously he's crossed somebody along the way that wants him removed from his job," says Herbert Johnson, a Marshall native.

Johnson's resignation is effective immediately.

For now, Fire Chief Kenneth "Buzz" Snyder will serve as city manager, and Assistant Fire Chief Reggie Cooper will assume the role of fire chief.

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