Garbage pickup, Possible fees, and tight budgets for Shreveport...

Tough decisions with a lot to consider...

   It's your money, and if you live in Shreveport you might be asked to pay an extra fee for your garbage pick up. 

Often citizens place large bulky items on their sidewalks that should not be mixed in with the weekly trash collection. It damages the trucks and causes collection times to be delayed. 

As city council combs through the budget to make final decision, one idea is to implement a fee to create a program to create a collection program for bulky items. 

"A better way to approach that is to find a way to only charge people who repeatedly leave out the large piles of garbage. These can be from evictions or small businesses that simply put too much out. But we have to find a way to save all the citizens from being charged," city council chairman Michael Corbin said. 
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