Getting help with the Affordable Care Act application

We're finishing up week 2 with enrollment for the Affordable Care Act.
We're finishing up week 2 of enrollment for the Affordable Care Act.

As many sign up, some are finding they need help.

However, for those in rural areas, where can they go to get the answers they need?

In Miller County, more than 18,000 people don't have health insurance.

So there are probably quite a few who have questions about enrollment.

There's one place in Texarkana called "Options for Life Services".

They mainly help people in Southwest Arkansas, but they will answer questions and direct people in Northeast Texas to the proper place for help.

Since they are the only place for people to go to in this area, they say the past two weeks have been very busy.

Numerous people have been calling and visiting, many confused on what they need to do to enroll.

But those at Options for Life Services say there's no need to panic.

"We are able to assist them by providing them with accurate information," said Brittney Harper.

Harper is the In-Person Assister Supervisor, and she says, "There's a lot of publicity about negative parts of the Affordable Care Act, as well as positive parts, but we're able to provide actual facts and accurate information."

There's no charge for their services.

All you have to do is set up an appointment.

Then you'll meet with an In-Person Assister over the phone or in person.

And if you're on the Arkansas-side, the assisters will go to your house.

"We make sure they understand everything," said In-Person Assister Hampton Anderson. "They have to understand it, we don't push them into anything, we don't guide them to any one insurance company. We present them the facts, answer their questions and then guide them through the process."

There are two things everyone must know.

When looking for application assistance, find out if the organization is licensed by the state, if not, find one that is.

Also, if there are any sort of fees associated with the organization's services, it's most likely a scam.

You should not have to pay to get help with the application for the Affordable Care Act.

For finding local help, go to

For information about Options for Life Services, you can call their main office at 1-866-879-5163 or 903-280-7909.

They serve Miller, Howard, Bradley, Union, Columbia, Jefferson, Dallas and Howard counties.

Those in Texas can get help by visiting
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