Grambling alumni speak on boycott by GSU football team

Grambling alumni speak on boycott by GSU football team

What do GSU graduates think about the recent trouble for the football team and school?
Some alumni of Grambling State University say they understand the football's team concern for poor conditions at the university, but they don't necessarily agree with the team's boycott.

Last Wednesday the football team quit practicing, and they refused to play on Saturday, citing mold and poor conditions in the school's weight room.

Cheryle Wheeler, a 1982 graduate of Grambling, says administration and athletes need to work together.

Wheeler's family has rich history at the school, and she doesn't want their memories and the school's legacy taken through the mud.

Vincent Williams is a 1987 graduate, and he's only missed one football game since.

He says making fans miss a game isn't the answer.

"They should express their concerns to the president and to the University of Louisiana System board that governs Grambling State University, but they should continue to play until the season is over," says Williams.

David Aubrey says he understands the players concerns and he's glad that they have returned to practice.

"But I am proud of those students for deciding that hey, we're here to play football, and that's a part of our experience at Grambling, and so we're going to get back to work on the field," says Aubrey. 

Hopefully, this situation will build a stronger Grambling.
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