Group of teens fight, shoot near State Fair Grounds

Group of teens fight, shoot near State Fair Grounds

After shooting near the State Fair Grounds in Shreveport, do fair-goers feel safe?
Safety is a top priority at the State Fair of Louisiana.

Shreveport Police constantly cruise the grounds, ready to defuse any unlawful situations.

"Well, I have not had any kind of major incident reported to me at this year's state fair, and I think the only thing that we've had is a couple of small little fights that Shreveport Police takes care of very rapidly," says Chris Giordano, Executive Director of the State Fair of Louisiana.

On Saturday night, police say a group of teens gathered outside the gate of the state fair started fighting.

That led to a shooting near the intersection of Greenwood Road and Jewella Avenue around 11:30 p.m.

"Once again, I do want to stress that that did not happen inside the State Fair of Louisiana, nor on the property of the State Fair of Louisiana,” says Giordano. “We have a pretty heavy police force here, so it's really one of the safer places to be inside our city late on a Saturday night."

The shooting won't keep the Edwards family away.

"As far as the shooting, I mean, that can happen anywhere,” says Elora Edwards. “So, you just have to keep an eye on your children and be aware of your surroundings."

Fair organizers spent $250,000 on police presence and extra security inside and outside of fair gates.

Mounted officers watch over the parking lot, and police cruisers are at every gate.

Lisa Quinn Harris and her husband have visited and worked at the fair for six years now.

They’re glad to badges everywhere.

"You can see they're around in carts, they're walking, they're talking, they're entertaining, but they're also protecting all at the same time," says Harris.

The Harris' say the added security will keep them coming back year after year.
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