Haughton mobile home community coping with low water pressure

Haughton mobile home community coping with low water pressure

People living in Oak Haven Trailer Park barely have any water coming out of their facets.

People living in the Oak Haven Trailer Park are coping with life with low water

“This is worse than a third world country,” said Lawrence McGuire.  “In a third world country they got the water, it’s just filthy. Here the water is clean but we got no water. I’m having to go to family, having to go rent a motel room for me and my wife to be able to take
a shower and get clean.”

McGuire said he’s received notice the lot rent is increasing $25 starting in October.
But he said he has not seen any improvement.

“They’re collecting the rent out here… where’s that money going because they sure aren’t
doing nothing out here.  They aren’t making no improvements, they aren’t trying to.”

McGuire moved into the park in August. He knew there were water issues at the park for
years, but said he had nowhere else to go. 

“I’m waiting on disability.  It’s kind of hard for me to get a place, an apartment or anything, if you’re not working and you don’t have an income yet,” said McGuire.  “The trailer-I got it at a good price. I figured the water issues would get resolved. Nothing is being done.”

Lawrence McGuire isn’t the only one complaining. We talked to another family and they
said the water pressure is so low they can’t bathe either. Instead, the woman said
she has to fill a bucket with water and then toss the water over her children so they can bathe every day.

According to a public notice NBC 6 received, the Department of Health and Hospitals cited
the trailer park for unsafe drinking water in August of 2012, April of 2013, October of 2012, November of 2012, and December of 2012. The notice, delivered to trailer park residents at the beginning of August 2013, states the trailer park is now monitoring its water supply monthly to make sure it’s safe to drink.

Our calls to the trailer park management regarding the low water pressure were not

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