Haunting at the Perot Theatre

Haunting at the Perot Theatre

Do you believe in the unexplainable?
Do you believe in the unexplainable?
Those at one Texarkana landmark say there's nothing to explain what they've experienced.

Those at the Perot Theatre, they say weird things happen all year long.

The theatre has been welcoming performers since the 1920's.

"There have been literally thousands of people including Will Rogers," said Operations Director Randal Conry.

But for almost 90 years, something else is stealing the show.

"I've heard the murmur of applause, swishing of costumes, whispers of reading scripts," said Stage Manager Rosetta Stalcup.

"I have definitely felt a presence of things I cannot see," said Conry. "I can tell you this is a spooky place."

From employees to visitors, the stories about strange experiences are endless. They're enough to turn those who don't believe into believers.

"As I was working I suddenly heard the door open," said Conry. "All of a sudden, I hear the distinct sound of footsteps. There was no doubt in my mind I was being watched. I remember that night as if it were last night."

Some are even so vivid it's hard not to accept.

"I have seen a little boy and girl. I can tell you exactly what they wear and they always play hide-and-seek down that hallway," said Stalcup.

Employees aren't sure why the spirits are there, but think one may be a former co-worker.

"Mitch Mitchell, a great guy," said Conry. "He loved practical jokes, and several of us are convinced he continues with his practical jokes."

No matter what or who is behind the unexplainable, those at the Perot know that even when the stage is empty, the show will forever go on.

Employees say while creepy all experiences have been good.

There's always a way you can maybe experience something yourself.

The Perot Theatre offers ghost tours.

They have to be scheduled in advance.

Contact 309-792-8681.
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