History as a Securely Funded Non-Profit--The MultiCultural Center

History as a Securely Funded Non-Profit--The MultiCultural Center

It's budget time 2014...

         With 2014 budget discussions right around the corner for Shreveport City Council, many non-profits are bracing for a cut in funding. 
However, one group receiving $200,000 annually is totally exempt. 

 It's a hidden gem in the heart of downtown Shreveport. The MultiCultural Center of the South is a place where locals bring out of town guests, students come to learn, and the lives of children are enriched through history and education. 

 As more than 26 other local non-profits fight for funding in the 2014 budget, the MultiCultural Center can rest easy. 

 "Louisiana law requires us to that at the level of $200,000 per year," Shreveport city council chairman Michael Corbin said. 

Inside the rooms rest countless artifacts and stories of the past, but their work takes lessons out in the community. With budget battles from lower casino revenue, Corbin says a solution is to simply integrate programs. 

"I think there's a lot of duplication in effort and programs. The MultiCultural Center is a perfect example in an effort that's already paid for and they work out in the community and their slots aren't full. If there was a way to possibly get the kids into those programs we wouldn't need all the extra money to fund other programs," Corbin said. 

The center hosts many activities for children and teens including Summer programs and other community initiatives.

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