Justice for Monica Harris

Justice for Monica Harris

10 years later, the family of Monica Harris is speaking out, asking her killer to come forward.

It's been a decade since a Cherokee Park woman and her fiance were killed in their home.

Shreveport Police haven't made any arrests and are re-opening the case.

Monica Harris and Calvin Washington were killed on Aug. 30, 2003 in their home on Navaho
Trail in Shreveport. The family said they were killed when someone broke into their home and
shot them both. The shooter left their two-month old daughter and her four-year-old
son unharmed.

Harris' family has not lost hope and hosted a vigil Sunday and prayed for her killer to come forward. They say every August is difficult because Harris was killed just days after her 24th birthday.

Caddo Crime Stoppers is putting up billboards around town with their photos. If you have any
information regarding this case, you can call them at (318) 673-7373.

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