Keeping Shoppers safe on Manic Monday...

One of the busiest times of the year...

      Welcome to Manic Monday on Youree Drive...

"Today is probably the busiest day after Black Friday. Everyone is out doing last minute shopping and the momentum is up and we're down to the wire," JCPenney Shreveport Store Leader Randy Arnold said. 

 While it's good for stores, on the outside it's heavy traffic, horns, and headaches. However that's not all the Youree shopping corridor is known for. 

Traditionally the area ranks highest in the city for purse snatching, shoplifting, auto theft, and robbery. 

"Carry just the things you need. If you can just carry your credit and debt cards and a check book on you," Shreveport Police Sgt. Bill Goodin said. 

Shoplifting is down 20% from last year, while thefts from businesses is up 14%. 
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