Keithville kids take a stand against animal cruelty

Two Keithville natives want animal abuse and abandonment to stop

Two Keithville students are taking a stand against animal cruelty. They're educating their
peers and plan to take their crusade against animal abuse all the way to Baton Rouge.

William Cardino, 11, of Keithville, is a lineman for the Shreveport Hurricanes.  But his passion is fighting animal abuse and abandonment.

“I just have a soft spot in my heart for animals,” said Cardino.

He and his friend Bladen Ebersole are tired of seeing animals dumped on the side of
the  road in Keithville.

“Cats and dogs running around everywhere,” said Ebersole.

"You see horses out in the pastures and you can see their bones everything,” said

“Dropping an animal is like dropping a baby off on the side of the road just dropping it
leaving it and walking away,” said Ebersole.

The duo is forming, “Kids working against animal cruelty.”

Both have rescued several cats and dogs in the past and hope to open a no kill shelter in
Keithville. They're using Facebook to spread their message to their peers.

Once they get enough members, they say they’re taking their fight to Baton Rouge to make
Louisiana a “No-Kill State” and to press for a registry of convicted animal abusers.  

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