Kids Breaking Rules with Steve Olson

Kids Breaking Rules with Steve Olson

It's an event that takes art to a whole new level.

It’s an event that takes art to a whole new level, and is one you don’t want to miss.

It’s called ‘Kids Breaking Rules’ and is put on with the help of legendary skateboarder, Steve Olson.

For the next few weeks, Olson will be in Shreveport hosting art events and working on other projects the public can get involved with.

‘Kids Breaking Rules’ will be held Saturday, January 25th at ArtSpace.

It'll go on from 12pm-4pm.

Anyone of any age can partake, just make sure you dress for a mess!

The concept is easy: think slip and slide art. Paint will be put on a large canvas, and whoever is the artist will take a running start, slide over the canvas, and smear the paint.

On January 31st, there’ll be another big event at ArtSpace called ‘Generationless: Skateboarders Are Artists Too!’

Pro-skateboarders will come and bring art for all to enjoy.

Special guests include: David Hackett, Tim Kerr, Jason Jessee, Lance Mountain, Neil Blender, Brian Lotti, Clint Peterson and Dennis McNett.

A ramp (currently being built) will be placed in the building for skateboarders to have some fun with.

That event is from 5pm-9pm, tickets are $10 ($5 for student/military).

Then on February 15th, Olson will reveal his BIG project, a skate ramp the public can enjoy. It’ll be placed in downtown Shreveport.

A lot of great events the community can get involved with. More information can be found by going here:

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