Lawsuit changes in the GM Plant puchase mix...

Three items now shift...

        Just this morning Caddo Commissioner Stephanie Lynch filed an amendment which changes three items in the lawsuit.
        However all decisions signing off of the purchase of the old GM plant still remain put on hold.

 About two weeks ago Commissioner Lynch filed suit against the rest of the commission and the industrial development board or IDB after the vote of 11 to 1 was past to use $7.5 million for the parish to buy the old GM plant.
Todays amendment removes Commissioner Lynch from the suit as an elected official -- it names Caddo Parish as the sole defendant instead of the commissioners and the IDB is also removed from the case.
Lynch says the suit isn't to stop the parish from giving the money or to stop the deal with Elio motors, but it's to be sure the multi million dollar investment brings the 1,500 jobs as promised.


The Caddo Parish governing body is expected to be served within two days.
A hearing has been scheduled for September 11th.
Commissioner Lynch has dropped the request for the parish to fund her legal fees.
She is representing herself in the proceedings.

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