LEISD looks to help teacher who lost home in fire

LEISD looks to help teacher who lost home in fire

The holiday weekend ends on a somber note for one Liberty Eylau School District teacher.
The holiday weekend ends on a somber note for one Liberty Eylau teacher.

On Sunday, Kenneth Payne's home was destroyed by an intense blaze.

After the fire, Payne's home is nothing but burnt debris.

"I don't really look at fire damage," said Liberty Eylau Fire Chief David Wesselhoft. "When I see stuff like this, I see more memory damage."

Around 2:30pm Sunday, firefighters got a call reporting a house fire on the 100 block of Eylau Hills Road.

"Our primary engines arrived 8 minutes from the call," said Wesselhoft.

It took more than 20 firefighters to battle the blaze.

After more than 30 minutes and 23,000 gallons of water, the fire was contained.

"This was a unique situation because when we arrived on scene, we had a house, grass, trees, brush, we had all of them combined in one fire which made it difficult for firefighters," Wesselhoft said.

Payne is a teacher at LEISD's alternative campus, School of Success.

When the district heard about his loss, faculty and staff wanted to help.

"He works with some of our students that have great needs," said Media Coordinator Matt Fry. "It'll be nice for him to get a little bit back of what he gives everyday to our students."

Anyone can donate.

School officials are asking for money, food, or clothing.

All donations can be given to any campus in the district.

"It's a tragedy when anything like this happens," said Fry. "But when you hear it's someone you work with, someone you know, you want to do even more."

Colleagues know their donations wont bring back the memories, but it'll at least help him move forward.

"We want him to know that when you're family, and that's what we consider we are here at LEISD, we're going to help you and we're here for you," said Fry.

Payne wasn't home when the blaze started.

Officials say they believe the fire started in the back of the home.

The exact cause is currently being investigated.

Liberty Eylau Fire, Bowie County OEM, LifeNet, Redwater and Nash Volunteer Fire Departments all responded.

If you want to donate, you can contact LEISD.

You can also go to their website: http://www.leisd.net/

Or their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LibertyEylauISD
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