"Lessons Learned" discussion calls for action, crime prevention

"Lessons Learned" discussion calls for action, crime prevention

What have we learned from the George Zimmerman trial? That was the topic of a community discussion tonight.

It's been two months since Zimmerman was found not guilty in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

Leaders are urging the community to learn from the trial, and not wait until another tragedy happens.

A panel of five took turns talking about gun violence, gun laws and different resources.

Also mentioned were the recent shootings in Caddo Heights and the Allendale and Lakeside area.

City Marshall Charlie Caldwell said he even learned some things himself.

For instance, the laws in Florida are drastically different from laws here in Louisiana, and people need to know those differences and how they affect the community.

"Well, I want the public to take home a lot of things especially about guns,” says Caldwell. “I want them to take home the statistics about guns, about locking their homes, about securing themselves, trying to be safe in their home and being aware of their surroundings and different things like that."

Other groups involved were One Voice Clergy Network and Political Action Committee, the Northwest Louisiana Community Development Corporation and Code Red.

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