"Little Free Library" popping up in Shreveport soon

"Little Free Library" popping up in Shreveport soon

Can't make it to public library? Grab a book from the "Little Free Library," soon to be in a neighborhood near you.

A group of local librarians work to bring free books to the Shreveport-Bossier area, in a unique way.

They want ten of these "Little Free Libraries" in communities throughout both cities.

Here's how they work: you can check out a book for free, under the honor system, and return that book, or another, in its place.

Tonight the group SBC Visionaries had a fundraiser to get the miniature libraries in our area.

"The neighbors come out, talk about the favorite authors, share what they like and all, and it's 24/7, you know?" says Lamont Pearson, organizer.

Pearson said he's seen the miniature libraries in other cities throughout Louisiana and the entire country. He says this will promote literacy and community involvement.

The first Little Free Library is expected to go up at the end of October, but the location is not set.

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