Local chimpanzee's painting put up for an award

Local chimpanzee's painting put up for an award

$10,000 could be awarded to Chimp Haven.
A local chimpanzee's latest masterpiece may help Chimp Haven secure a $10,000 dollar award.

Brent, is a 37-year-old retired biomedical research chimpanzee at the national chimpanzee sanctuary in Keithville. Many of the facilities chimps use painting as a daily enrichment activity but Brent's artistic talents have set him apart. Using edible paints spread out on a canvas, Brent uses his tongue as a brush to push the paint where he wants.

Chimp Haven President and CEO, Cathy Willis Spraetz, says the chimpanzee who has been with Chimp Haven since 2006 has been painting for several years. "He has total control of what he puts on that canvas and the fact that he's so willingly engaged in painting opportunities at Chimp Haven, he's one of the favorites," she says.

One of Brent's recent works has been entered into a competition against five other chimpanzee sanctuaries. The winning painting will be awarded $10,000 dollars. Chimp Haven says it will use the money towards a $5 million dollar fundraising effort to care for chimpanzees coming from the New Iberia Research Center. 

To view the other paintings or vote for Brent you can visit Chimp Haven's website.
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