Local elderly population feels crunch from food stamp cuts...

Local elderly population feels crunch from food stamp cuts...

Having no other choice many times...

   One in four people in the state of Louisiana will feel the impact of the food stamp cuts. While many include children and individuals with disabilities, another group are the elderly. 

Locally many seniors like Thelma Smith need food stamps and rely on services from the VOA Adult Day Health Care center. 
Smith has suffered with a disability from Polio since she was five, and later in life became a breast cancer survivor. Life hasn't been easy and nothing close to a free ride. 

She receives $61 a month in food stamps, and learning the cuts are coming makes her even more grateful she has a place to eat. 

"If I couldn't come here, I couldn't make it or get by at all. It helps but still I need the food stamps," Smith said. 

With the cuts in the SNAP program, for the elderly being enrolled in Medicare Part D has become increasingly important, along with checking into money saving matters like Medicare saving programs. 

For more information and to have a face to face conversation with someone to help:
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