Local heroes honored at 2013 Patriot Awards

Local heroes honored at 2013 Patriot Awards

This marks a day of rememberance and reflection to lives lost during the September 11th terrorist attack, 12 years ago.
The Bossier Chamber of Commerce remembered September 11th by honoring our local heroes at the 2013 patriot awards.

Law enforcement officers, emergency personnel and local military members were recognized for their service.

"I feel so amazed that I was elected for this award," says TSgt. Keyne J. Mosley.

TSgt. Mosley received a patriot award for his service at barksdale air force base. He says 9/11 is the reason why he joined the armed forces.

"Honestly, it seems like one of those things you see in the movies," says TSgt. Mosley. "It's just something that's not real. And when I found out it was real, and this was happening to our country, that's when I wanted to step in. I think i joined the military shortly after."

It's the same for Maj. Jason Dymond, another patriot award recipient from BAFB.

"Well, I joined the military after 9/11, because of the events that day," says Maj. Dymond. "It strikes close to home as far as what happened to our country and what it means to me."

Bossier Parish Sheriff's Deputy Bruce Bletz actually grew up in Queens, New York.

"It's definitely a big honor, and it holds special signifigance for me being from New York, living there the vast majority of my life," says Bletz.

Guest speaker and athletic training program director at LSU, Ray Castle, says witnessing the bombings at the Boston Marathon really stressed the importance to thank those that serve our country.

"Every opportunity you get, thank law enforcement, ems, fire, the military branches," says Castle. "They put their lives in harm's way on a daily basis."

Here's the names of the other three award recipients: Fred McAnn with Bossier Parish 911 Communications, Matthew C. Bragg with Bossier City Police Department, and Melvin Singleton with Bossier City Fire Department.
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