Local LA National Guard on the move for emergency...

Local LA National Guard on the move for emergency...

And the Red Cross sits at the ready...
       Thursday Governor Bobby Jindal declared a state of emergency for Louisiana, now 650 National Guardsmen are on the move to the southern portion of the state as tropical storm Karen creeps up to the gulf coast.

  More than 7,000 are ready, some of which are locally at Camp Minden.

  "Our 165th combat sting support battalion is a transport unit and having them sent down there is a key element in support of these operations," Lt. Col. Michael Kazmierzak said. 

   From that unit there are 280 guardsmen from Northern Louisiana making the trip. 

   The local Red Cross is on stand-by for now. 

 "We are on conference calls and have been watching closely. We probably won't have to head down but we're ready," Ex. Dir Michelle Davidson said. 

   Despite the government shutdown, 520 National Guard technicians have been removed from furlough status to help support the effort.  
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