Local lawmaker reflects on Nelson Mandela's legacy

Local lawmaker reflects on Nelson Mandela's legacy

Greg Tarver met Nelson Mandela.

A local lawmaker is reflecting on Nelson Mandela influenced his own life. State Senator Greg Tarver (D) – Louisiana, along with his wife Velma, got to meet Nelson Mandela at the Southern University graduation in 2000.

While Velma said she was speechless when she met him, Greg said he was overwhelmed with Mandela's ability to love after enduring 27 years of prison and abuse.

“He was a man of integrity,” said Velma Tarver.  “What I found most amazing about him was just how humble he is.”

“You wonder how a man like that have fought the fight that he fought, stayed in prison for 27 years, was abused, beaten, and come out of prison with love,” said St. Senator Greg Tarver.  “It kind of shocks you a little bit.”

Southern University's School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs was named after Nelson Mandela.

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