Local school changes a year after Sandy Hook...

A massacre that shocked the nation hits home...
     Remembering that schools are in a fact a target. 
It didn't take long after the Newtown massacre for school officials and parents to rethink school safety and take matters a step farther. 
Weeks after the shooting several Bossier Parish schools had surprise lockdown drills and ten of the district's elementary schools switched to stricter ways of entering the building--by a remote buzzer. 

The biggest change came from the start of the Elementary Proactive Patrol program, and to have Bossier Sheriff Deputies at every elementary school at the cost of $3 million. 

"Many jurisdictions and many school systems are going back to their budgets and saying they want this, it's expensive but it's worth it. We want to make sure there's somebody with a kevlar vest and a star in between their child and a shooter...with their gun pointed back," Rep. Jeff Thompson said. 
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