Local shoppers face the rain to finish their holiday shopping

With five days left before the big day, local shoppers braved crowds… and bad weather.
With five days left before the big day, local shoppers braved crowds… and bad weather. 
"It was flooded everywhere," said Ava Williams.
But nothing stood in the way for local shoppers like Ava Williams with a long list of gifts left to buy.
"Nephew, niece, fiance..." said Williams.
She wasn't the only one feeling the pressure of the final countdown to Christmas.
"Just getting started Best Buy Target, Academy, Cavenders - probably all the stores," said Annette Moseley, shopper.
Holiday shoppers faced more than just long lines.  Parts of Youree Drive were completely covered in water.
 "It was flooded everywhere.  Whatever route you took, it was flooded," said Williams.
Best buy customers were glad to find good deals.
"It was worth it because I wanted an IPhone - price was right," said Frank Moore, shopper.
… And a chance to get dry.
"It was raining a very hard amount when I came in.  Fortunately I had my umbrella, but I nearly got drenched anyway," said Moore.
Annette Moseley drove to Shreveport all the way from Ringgold just to get her shopping done.
"Getting out in the traffic, trying to find parking places close-up to store so you wouldn't get wet," said Moseley.
For last minute shoppers, getting wet was the only way to make sure there will be presents under the tree.
"I can't tell you all the special secrets - they're going to know," said Williams.
Saturday was supposed to be one of the biggest shopping days of the year --- up there with Black Friday.
Shoppers we spoke with hoped good sales would make getting out in the rain worth it.

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