Locals share opinion about potential gov't shutdown

Locals share opinion about potential gov't shutdown

What do locals think about the showdown on Capitol Hill? Click here to read the story.

If members of Congress can't come to an agreement on the nation's spending bill the government would shut down at midnight, which upsets people like Dillon Benoit.

"It's frustrating, because it seems that both sides of the government, whether they be democrat or republican, they can't just seem to figure out a way to work together," says Benoit.

Benoit says as a worker, he's been following the standoff between lawmakers, and wants to see them working together.

"I mean the key is bipartisanship,” says Benoit. “Republicans have to be willing to cross the isle and come up with solutions and democrats have to be willing to do the same thing."

Jeffrey Sadow is a political professor at LSU-Shreveport, and he thinks the potential shut down is about political positioning.

"For the forces in Washington and the political parties behind them this is of course about trying to enact policy preferences, position themselves for future elections," says Sadow.

Others are worried about the potential job loss for federal employees.

"Uh, work makes this world go round, you know?” says Eric Mays. “If you don't work, you don't eat."

"I think if they just do their job and that's serve the people, everything will work out," says Charles Davis.

But in the end, some say lawmakers will have no choice but to work it out.

"It's just whoever thinks they're going to come out on the short end, eventually, the longer it goes on they'll be the ones to blink and then there'll be some resolution," says Sadow.

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