Louisiana tracks down dead beat parents

Louisiana tracks down dead beat parents

The state releases its list of Most Wanted Child Support Offenders

The State of Louisiana is on the hunt for delinquent child support payors. Currently in Louisiana, there's $1.3 billion in unpaid child support payments.

Reginald Lee, Travis Moore, Corey Richard, Jeremy Sanford, and Larry Shafer are all on the Most Wanted Child Support Offenders List. Officials with the Department of Children and Family Services said the men have not made a payment in more than six months, and owe more than $10,000.  George Kitchura was on the list for $77,319 in back child support for two children. DCFS was able to locate him in Alabama, and have started collecting back payments.

The agency uses a database to track dead beat parents. If it knows where they live, it orders them to go to court to pay back payment; if they do not go to court, sheriff’s deputies head to their home to serve them a warrant. Late payments can be collected
through paychecks, casino winnings, and even taxes.

Those who can’t make their child support payments because of a change in circumstances are responsible for appealing their case.  

Here’s a link to the most wanted list, and to Louisiana’s delinquent child support payors.

If you've seen any of these men, call 1-888-LA-HELP-U.

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