Man involved in Prissy Chrissy Ranch shootings, arrested

The man who allegedly shot and killed two people on Prissy Chrissy Ranch property, was arrested in a completely different incident.

The man who allegedly shot and killed two people on Prissy Chrissy Ranch property, is behind bars.

But it's not in any way connected to that case.

On Monday night, 25-year-old Richard Skye Hargrove was arrested on multiple charges.

Texarkana, Texas Police tell Channel 6 that Hargrove was driving down the 2500 block of Richmond Road without his headlights on.

An officer noticed and was en route to stopping him, when Hargrove crashed into another vehicle.

There were no injuries from the crash.

TTPD Sergeant Steve Shelley says Hargrove had an unknown amount of Methamphetamine with him.

He also had a loaded .45 caliber pistol and was allegedly intoxicated.

Hargrove was booked into the Bi-State Justice Center on 3 charges: driving while intoxicated, unlawfully carrying a weapon, and possession of a controlled substance.

Channel 6 also spoke with Bowie County Sheriff Deputies.

They say that they are still investigating the Prissy Chrissy Ranch case.

They are waiting for results and paperwork to come back from the lab.

Once they get all the facts, they will relay their findings to the District Attorney's office.

There is no word on when that could happen.

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