Logansport man accused of intentionally spreading HIV

Logansport man accused of intentionally spreading HIV

Cartrell Brooks, who’s a wanted fugitive in New York, is charged with an unthinkable crime: intentionally spreading HIV to possibly 13 people.
It's a shocking story, but it's true. Authorities in Desoto Parish say 40-year-old Cartrell Brooks intentionally spread HIV to possibly 13 people.

On January 7th, detectives say a relative of Brooks called them to report Brooks raped another relative, who is a child.

At that time, Brooks was charged with aggravated incest.

But detectives say Brooks later admitted he was HIV positive, and he didn't let any of his recent sexual partners know.

"Of course our office's concern is that how many victims there may be, in the criminal aspect of it, because if he did not make them aware, that is another criminal charges," says Det. Horace Womack with Desoto Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Detective Womack says his office is still taking calls, and there could be more victims.

Womack refers to Brooks as a career criminal. According to the sheriff’s office, the 40-year-old has been arrested 52 times since 1990.

He's faced charges in five different states, and they include things like armed robbery, drug offenses, kidnapping and rape. 

As of right now Brooks is facing one count of aggravated incest and one count of intentional exposure of AIDS virus. He also faces two felony drug charges, after detectives found marijuana and prescription drugs in the home he was arrested at.

The Desoto Parish District Attorney's Office says they're going after Brooks full force.

"Any case that involves a minor victim, we are very serious about persuing and seeking the maximum penalty," says Ron Stamps, Desoto Parish Assistant District Attorney.

Stamps says aggravated incest carries anywhere from 25 to 99 years as a penalty.

Once HIV test results come back on the other potential victims, Brooks could be looking at many more charges.

Detectives are urging others in the Logansport area to come forward if they believe they are potential victims of Brooks'.

You can call the Desoto Parish Sheriff’s Office substation in Logansport at (318) 697-4311.

The sheriff's office will do testing and open a criminal case from there.

The Department of Health and Hospitals is also working with the sheriff’s office.

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