Man who walks miles to work gets gift from officer

Lt. Keith Cobb gives Julian Brandly a bike for the new year.

A Shreveport Police Officer is lending a helping hand to a man who walks miles to work every day.


Lt. Keith Cobb rewarded Ivan Smith delivery driver Julian Brandly, 22, with a $700 bicycle New Year’s Eve. The two used to be strangers until Cobb gave Brandly a ride to work around Thanksgiving. He then learned that Brandly walks more than four miles to work every day, no matter the weather.


"I was impressed to  see a young man in 37 degree rainy weather and he's walking to work and not just a short walk, he's walking 5.5 miles to work," said Lt Cobb.


While Brandly sees walking to work as normal behavior, Lt. Cobb said seeing this young man work hard to make an honest living restored his faith in humanity.


“It’s the only thing I know if I have bills to pay, that’s what I have to do,” said Julian Brandly.


“It was a good feeling,” said Lt. Cobb.  “I’d much rather take someone to work than to take someone to jail absolutely.”

“I left my house so now I’m on my own two,” said Brandly.  “I can’t ride dad and mom so why ask for help when you can do it on your own. “


Cobb was so impressed by Brandly, he talked about him on his Facebook profile. That led to a woman donating to him a fancy, practically new bike. 

 It came right on time for his birthday Friday. Until he can save up for a car, Brandly said he’ll use the bike in the mean time. As the saying goes, hard work pays off.

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