Matthew Edwin Monie still in custody of CPS in Texas

Matthew Edwin Monie still in custody of CPS in Texas

A six-year-old taken by his father, without permission, is still not back home with his family.
More charges will come for the father accused of taking his six-year-old son to across state lines, without having custody of him.

Matthew Monie went missing from his front yard along Lone Oak Drive on Friday.

Then on Sunday, Upshur County Sheriff's Deputies found the child safe with his father in Ore City, TX.

Matthew Monie, the father, is charged with interfering with the custody of a child.

Police say Monie will soon be extradited back to Shreveport, but the child is not back with his family in Shreveport right now.

"Now what we've learned is the kid, the six year old child that is, has been placed into care of the child welfare services there in Texas,” says Cpl. Marcus Hines with Shreveport Police. “Hopefully he'll be brought back here very soon and reunited with other family members."

At this time, authorities say they are awaiting more information before returning Matthew back home.
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