Men's Health Day proves to be success

Do you know what it takes to be healthy?
Your health matters.

Do you know what it takes to be healthy?

November 23rd is Men's Health Day.

A special event was held to teach men how they can live a long life.

"Normally we hear about the tough guy who doesn't want to go to the doctor, but this shows they do care," said Ria Sharky.

It's an event that puts life into perspective.

"A lot of them want to know what questions they should be asking when they go see a doctor," said Sharky.

The 6th Annual Men's Health Fair brought hundreds together to talk about things normally not discussed.

"The reason why I chose to come here is because I want to know about my health," said participant Dedrick Thompson. "I'm learning a lot of different things, including about Prostate and Colon cancers."

Classes and screenings teach participants about taking care of oneself.

"We see in the hospital very sick people, so this is exciting to be able to reach them while they're still healthy and make a difference in their life," said Sharky.

Diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity are three of the biggest problems men in Louisiana face. Which is why fairs like this are so important, so men can get educated and stay healthy.

"It's important to ask for help and not wait until it gets bad because it might be more difficult for us to take care of you," said Sharky.

The event focused on being healthy mentally, spiritually and physically.

"I like what they doing today for the men," said Thompson. "I think it's good for men to know what's going on with his health."

But only if one is proactive, can they be healthy year round.

Men were also able to get their vision, teeth and cholesterol checked.

The event was free and open to the public.
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