Mooringsport man says he's victim of "Knockout Game"

Mooringsport man says he's victim of "Knockout Game"

Man said he was punched in the face while waiting for food at Sonic.

A local man says he's a victim of the "Knockout Game,” and he wants police to arrest the man who attacked him.

Zachary Mayes was waiting for his food at the Sonic in Vivian, LA Saturday night when a man allegedly walked up to his truck, opened the door, and punched him in the head multiple times.

Then, the attacker got back in his car and drove off. Mayes believes he went to high school with the man, but he has no idea why he started hitting him.


"I've been seeing the knockout game on television, and I feel like maybe that's what he was doing,” said Mayes. “Because he punched me like four times, I think maybe he was trying to knock me out and couldn't do it. That’s the only thing I could think of because I don't remember having any problem with this man or nothing."

The incident was caught on surveillance video. Vivian police don't believe this is a case of the “Knockout Game.” The department is trying to determine whether there was a personal issue between the victim and the suspect. So far, no arrests have been made.

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