Mother seeks compensation for wrongful death of son

The mother of a New Boston, Texas teen who was shot and killed, takes legal action.
The mother of a New Boston, Texas teen who accidently shot to death takes legal action.

Tiffany Smith is requesting monetary compensation for the death of her son, Semaj Williams.

The document states Smith is asking for more than one million dollars for the wrongful death of her son.

There are two people cited in the document that was filed.

The first is the alleged shooter, Aaron Conkleton, and the other is the owner of the gun, Chad Duffer.

The document filed states Semaj's death should've never happened.

It claims Duffer was negligent because his gun wasn't secure and it was left inside the truck.

Conkleton is cited because he didn't handle the firearm properly, ultimately killing Semaj.

The incident happened on August 21st as Conkleton and a buddy were detailing Duffer's truck.

Smith is asking for compensation for 8 different things, including for Williams' pain and suffering before his death, court costs, and punitive damages.
The document also requests for a trial by jury, but no court date has been set.

Channel 6 tried contacting the parties involved, including Smith's attorney, but they couldn't be reached.

We'll have more information as it's released.
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