Motor Vehicle Deaths on the Rise Nationally and Locally

Motor Vehicle Deaths on the Rise Nationally and Locally

<br>The numbers are up but why...

According to statistics just released from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration an estimated 7,630 people died in motor vehicle crashes for the first quarter of 2012. That is a 13.5% increase over the 6,720 fatalities during this same period last year.

In the city of Shreveport the year to date motor vehicle deaths is 14. During this time last year that number was only 12.

Texting while driving has been illegal in the state of Louisiana since 2010.

For law enforcement it can be difficult to enforce.

"I know it's illegal but I usually just keep the phone below the steering wheel," Rhodney Cox, a Houston Texas resident, said.

"We've got to be able to articulate that you were sending some wireless communication message. In other words, a text message on your cell phone and not dialing a number. Each case is different but it's something we take very seriously. The officers look for when out in the field," Shreveport Police Department Sgt. Bill Goodin said.

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