Nash, Texas legalizes alcohol sales

Nash, Texas legalizes alcohol sales

In Nash, Texas voters say yes to selling alcohol.
In Nash, Texas, voters say 'Yes' to selling alcohol.

Residents voted to legalize sales during Tuesday's election.

But what's the next step?

For the first time, the city of Nash can sell alcohol.

"I know there was strong opposition coupled with a very strong support base," said city employee Chuck Lucas.

Two Propositions passed.

The 1st, allowing beer and wine sales for off-premises consumption.

The other, legalizing restaurants to sell mixed drinks.

"We're very hopeful that this will generate a whole lot of additional revenue," said Lucas.

Nash is now the first city in Bowie County to go 'damp'.

It won't be considered 'wet' because bars, liquor stores and night clubs will still be illegal.

While exciting to some, officials know their work has just begun.

"Our current regulations don't allow alcoholic beverages in the community, so we're going to revamp our zoning ordinances," said Lucas.

City officials say bars and liquor stores won't be allowed in the city of Nash. Alcohol will only be sold in places like convenience stores or restaurants mainly situated along main corridors like Kings Highway, New Boston Road and Mall Drive.

"We want to keep sales away from schools, churches and residential neighborhoods," stated Lucas.

Selling alcohol is something new for city officials.

"None of the nearby communities have experienced this so we're not sure exactly what the next step is," said Lucas.

They say it'll be a learning process.
One that will pay off in the end.

"Sales tax increase, property tax increase, and also job creation," said Lucas. "We estimate a possible $400,000 in sales tax revenue. That money can be used for many things including a community park. That's one thing a lot of people ask for, and we're hoping that's something for the near future."

As of now, alcohol sales are expected to start by the beginning of 2014.

For Prop 1 (alcohol sales for drinking off-premises):
    54% vote Yes 
    46% vote No

For Prop 2 (allowing restaurants to serve mixed drinks):
     58% vote Yes
     42% vote No
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