NBC 6 Exclusive: Left alone in the cold--ArkLaTex Rescue group saves new born puppies...

Without food, water, and left to freeze outside...

   It might look like an episode of Animal Planet's show "Too Cute", but sadly for a recently rescued litter of Labrador puppies, life hasn't been so comfortable. 

  A littler of fifteen was left overnight in the cold and wet weather inside a basket at the animal shelter in Mt. Pleasant. Their mother was no where to be found and there are not any answers as to why their owner would leave them outside and abandoned. 

  Eight out of the fifteen died within hours. The shelter called Louisiana Baby Mommas and for the last two days the group has been nursing the puppies back to health. 

"It makes me sad but mad and angry. Whoever did this could have waited a few hours until the shelter was open and saved them instead of just leaving them," Ronda Spataro said. 

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