NBC 6 Exclusive: Owner of storage units talks about finding "Braveheart"

Storage unit owner: "I thought he was dead."
The owner of the storage units where a dying puppy was found speaks only to NBC 6.

Chuck Ferguson owns Collier's Custom Classics and Hot Rods on Youree Drive. He says the dog's former owner was renting two units behind the car lot.      

Last month Ferguson evicted the man, because he hadn't paid rent.

The day after the man was evicted, Ferguson and his family found Braveheart in the corner of the unit, almost lifeless.

"I knew they had a dog, and I knew they had a dog that was chained up there at times, but I did not know that when they had abandoned the storage unit, I did not know that they had a dog inside of it," says Ferguson.

Lifeless and barely breathing, Ferguson and his family took the dog to an emergency veterinary clinic.

"Well, to be honest with you, I don't think it would've made it hours," says Ferguson. "So I think it was an act of God that we did find that dog when we did, because honestly, the dog was in very very poor condition. "

Without attention, veterinarians say he would've died in a matter of hours. Some may call Ferguson and his family heroes for saving Braveheart.

"Well, I wouldn't say that, but I mean, we just want to set the record straight of what happened," says Ferguson "I don't want to see a dog in that condition, and I'm just happy that the dog is still living and has recovered very well."
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