New superintendent lays out vision for Caddo schools

The new leader of the Caddo Parish School System is already tackling major challenges.
The new leader of the Caddo Parish School System is already tackling major challenges.

Lamar Goree doesn't officially start until December 1st, but he's already working with the state. He's helping put together the agreement with the recovery school district to fix a dozen low performing schools.

"You're going to see drastic changes before you see it ever get to that point again."

He believes a year from now schools like Fair Park High School will see major improvement. His start date isn’t for 17 days and he plans to hire a new chief academic officer next week.

"Looking at academics is priority number one."

The school system’s dropping enrollment numbers is also a concern.

"I don't want us to lose any of our schools, so my goal is that we'll create a product that will be of quality that parents will be attracted to."

Balancing the budget is one of Goree’s biggest goals.

"There are some phenomenal things happening in Caddo Parish as far as academics, budgeting and operations. But I haven't seen yet where they're married together."

His solution is a five year strategic plan.

"When you have strong strategic planning that's when you see goals being met, because they're more measurable."

Goree is confident his vision for the future of Caddo Schools can be accomplished with a divided and sometimes dysfunctional board.

"I feel very comfortable with the board members.”

He understands they won’t agree on everything.

"I believe at the end of the day we will remain focused on the children."

To move forward the school board must approve a plan with the Recovery School District. The deadline is November 19th.

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