No Christmas lights for New Boston Courthouse

For one Texas community, the holiday season gets a bit dim.
 (Jade Cunningham)
(Jade Cunningham)

For one Texas community, the holiday season gets a big dim.

It was announced Wednesday the New Boston Courthouse will not hang Christmas lights.

An e-mail was sent from Judge Sterling Lacy breaking the news.

It states there's controversy over installing and paying for it all.

It also claims the four Commissioners are the ones who don't want it done

Not all could be reached for comment, but one of them says that it's just not true.

"Our current judge never called and asked me what I thought, so it's lack of communication," said Precinct 2 Commissioner Tom Whitten. "I'm not against the lights at all, just maybe we could have some options about doing something different to help save the tax payers some dollars."

The e-mail also announces the community Christmas party is a go.

It'll be held December 10th at 5:00pm

The judge tried to be reached for comment but is out of town on business.

The e-mail in its whole reads:

To All:

    Much controversy surrounds the installation and expense of the annual Christmas lights on and around the Bowie County Courthouse. Also involved are the plans for the annual Christmas party for the community. First, there will be a Christmas party for the community if I have to foot the bill myself. It will be held on December 10th at 5:00pm Second, the expenses for installing and operating the Christmas lights were opposed by the four commissioners. Donations by the public were declined by the county treasurer. The deadline for the use of the necessary laborers has passed. At this time, there are no workable plans to install and fund the Christmas lights on and around the courthouse.

Sterling E. Lacy

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