Patterson speaks about Bi-State Justice Center mistake

Patterson speaks about Bi-State Justice Center mistake

The Texarkana prisoner who was mistakenly kept behind bars speaks exclusively to Channel 6.
The Texarkana prisoner who was mistakenly kept behind bars, speaks exclusively to Channel 6.

Shirley Patterson was supposed to be released from the Bi-State Justice Center Tuesday.

But a mistake, delayed that from happening.

"They were just as shocked to tell me, as I was to hear it," recalls Patterson.

It was a mix up of names that left Shirley Patterson behind bars.

"I went to jail for my own reasons, and I'll own that," says Patterson. "But how it happened, me getting out, I don't think that was cool at all."

On Tuesday, officers went to release Patterson, but another inmate stepped up, 31-year-old Tonokla Patterson.

"They called Patterson, she rolled up, I didn't, and I was left in there," says Patterson. "They woke me up about 11:20 and asked me for my first and last name. The Sergeant told me they had let someone else out."

Patterson says she was in her cell the whole time, but because she's deaf in one ear, she couldn't hear when the name was called.

When she realized what had happened, panic set in.

"What's going to happen, am I going to get out?" said Patterson.

Patterson says it was another 5-6 hours before being released.

When she went to grab her belongings, they were gone; the other prisoner had taken it all.

"I want my stuff back," said Patterson. "A lot of that stuff can't be replaced."

Even though Patterson knows it was a mistake, she says it could've been avoided.

"I hate that I had to be a guinea pig, but somebody did," said Patterson. "I do feel that officers should pay closer attention."

But she adds, that if roles were reversed, she would've done the same thing.

"She's a criminal, why wouldn't she walk out?" said Patterson. "She wants to be free, who doesn't? I don't blame her, I would've done it."

While upset her things were taken, Patterson is happy the mistake was fixed.

She just hopes it doesn't happen to anyone else.

The other inmate, turned herself in Wednesday night.

No extra charges are being filed against her.
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