Possible Commissary closure and the Barksdale community...

A controversial consideration...

      A controversial cost-saving plan could impact those at Barksdale Air Force Base The Pentagon is considering closing US Commissaries by 2015. 

"We probably save $200 a month on just meat and milk for my husband and son alone. It makes a big difference for us," military spouse Josey McDaniel said. 

Military families save an average of more than 30% on their grocery bills compared to those who shop at retail stores. 

"We come for the brand names and it also helps with our prescriptions. Thirty or forty years ago when I held my right hand up and said I'd serve it was part of what was given to us. Now they just want to take it away," Navy veteran Charles Johnson said. 

There are 178 commissaries in the US and 70 overseas which receive nearly $1.5 billion in government funds. 
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