Providence House in need of donations

Providence House in need of donations

Providence House needs toiletries and cleaning supplies

The Providence House is in need of toiletries and cleaning products after a basement flood wipes out its storage room full of supplies.  

Sewage leaked from these pipes into the facility’s storage room three weeks ago. That caused the non-profit to throw everything out.

Since it has nearly 100 adults and 200 children living in its facilities.

It needs to replenish its supply of diapers, women and men’s underwear, and toilet paper.

Anyone who wants to donate these items, they can drop them off at the Providence House directly.

They discourage you from dropping off these items in bins around town.

Here are the items the Providence House needs:

1. Cleaning Supplies

2. Mopping Solution

3. Liquid Dish Soap

4. Diapers - Sizes 4-6

5. Powder Laundry Detergent

6.   Paper Towels

7. Trash Bags (13 and 55 Gallon)

8. Deodorant

9. Feminine Hygiene Products 

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