Renovations coming along at city golf courses

Renovations at Huntington Park Golf Course are nearing completion.

Major repairs to Shreveport city golf courses are coming along.

Renovations at Huntington Park Golf Course are almost finished.

The hold-up is waiting for the grass to grow.

The clubhouse has been totally gutted, and has a new entrance.

Work on the course is complete with a new irrigation system and new putting greens.

The course is set to re-open in April of 2014. 

The $2.3 million project was approved during a bond issue in 2011.

"Can't wait to have this open to the public and for them to come out and see our improvements,” said Tim Wachtel, a planner for SPAR.

“The clubhouse is going to be almost all new but we're going to keep the tradition of the Huntington golf course. I think the public is going to be very pleased with the way the golf course turned out. We had a very good golf course architect on the project. All the greens are rebuilt, the tees are rebuilt. "

Querbes golf course is also a part of the 2011 bond issue.  It's getting a brand new clubhouse worth $800,000.

The new clubhouse is expected to open in January. Wachtel said the old one will be demolished.

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