Richardson remains behind bars, denied pre-trial release

The New Boston, Texas woman accused of mailing ricin-tainted letters was in court Wednesday afternoon.
The New Boston, Texas woman, accused of mailing ricin-tainted letters to President Barack Obama, will stay behind bars.

The Detention Hearing for Shannon Richardson was held Wednesday afternoon.

The hearing gives Richardson the chance to argue for pre-trial release, meaning instead of being locked up, she would be monitored elsewhere.

In this case, she would stay at a home with a private investigator.

The court made their decision, and it was one that did not make Richardson happy.

"I'm not guilty," said Richardson as she left the courthouse.

Shannon Richardson left her Detention Hearing filled with emotion.

"I did not do this, I would never put my children in danger," Richardson stated as she got put into a law enforcement vehicle.

Earlier, Richardson sat in front of a judge, asking for pre-trial release.

But the court said no.

"I was disappointed for my client," said her lawyer Tonda Curry.

Shannon has been behind bars since her arrest in June, and was hoping to be released to a 3rd party custodian.

In this case, a private investigator who lives in an isolated location.

But the U.S. Attorney argued Shannon needed to be locked up because she might run.

"I knew the judge would be hung up on the issue of flight risk because once Shannon's marriage ended, she really has no ties to East Texas," said Curry.

The court sided with the U.S. Attorney and said Shannon would stay locked up.

A decision that didn't sit well with the Defendant.

"Shannon's never been incarcerated before for anything in her life and it came as devastating blow to know that she'll have an extended period of incarceration," said Curry.

Richardson says she's innocent.

"Maintained she didn't order the components, she didn't make ricin," said Curry.

But as she gets ready for trial, she'll have to do so behind bars.

Richardson is being held somewhere in Bowie County.

Her next court appearance is scheduled for October.
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