Robbery victim fed up with crime in Cedar Grove apartment complex

Robbery victim fed up with crime in Cedar Grove apartment complex

Three men are robbed at gunpoint in the Pines Apartments

Three men were robbed at gunpoint Saturday night in the Cedar Grove Community. The armed robbery happened in the 8000 block of Line Avenue, in the Pines Apartments.

The victims tell NBC 6 they were targeted because they were Hispanics, and hard working men. They said they were climbing the stairwell, entering their apartment, when
two men approached them with a gun, hit two of them on the head, and demanded cash. Shreveport Police said the men took the cash, and left in a vehicle. They were unable to get a description of the car or suspects.

The two men suffered minor injuries.

Neighbors said this isn’t the first time a Hispanic has been robbed in the complex. Another man, "Jorge", said he was robbed at knifepoint after working on a car in the
parking lot three weeks ago. Jorge said he was fixing a car around 5:30 p.m. When night fell, he heard a knock on his door and answered thinking it was his roommate returning from the store. Instead, he said it was three men and two women wearing ski masks. He said they robbed him at knifepoint, and got away with $500 of his hard-earned cash. He still has a mark under his eye from when they stabbed him in the face.

Rogelio Rodriguez said he’s fed up with the crime and the lack of police patrols. He said the police come when they call but because they can’t speak Spanish, making it hard to communicate. He says he’s also spoken to the manager about the robberies and he said she has done nothing to beef up security. That’s why Rodriguez said he is moving.

The sign on the apartment complex reads " Se habla espanol," meaning "we speak Spanish." When we knocked on the manager’s door and asked her what she is doing to stop the crime in her apartment complex, she declined to comment.

Police said they are investigating Saturday night’s armed robbery but have little details considering the men spoke little English. If you have any information regarding this crime, you can call Caddo Crime Stoppers at (318) 673-7373.

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