Rosalie: a breast cancer survivor

Rosalie: a breast cancer survivor

Get checked often. It's the single most important piece of advice a local breast cancer survivor can give tell you.
The pictures fool you into believing that every one of Rosalie Jones' nine brother and sisters live with her in her Shreveport apartment.  They don't.  Nor does her son.  But, they are a tight family.  So, it's no surprise that when she was first diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer, the first person she called was her sister Lucy.

"I called her on her way to work and said I have to tell you something."

Like for many women, Rosalie's annual mammogram spotted her tumor.  The life-saving habit is one she thankfully developed years ago.

"In the earlier days, I had cysts form in my breasts. I've always did my mammograms."

A mastectomy followed... and four rounds of chemotherapy.  Rosalie tackled the regimen head on.  There was no 'why me?'  She says she wasn't even especially shaken.... because she was steadied by her faith and family.

"Whatever I needed, they were there. Prayer, we're a church-oriented family... Faith in God is great."

Today, Rosalie is six years cancer-free.  A healthy woman encouraging other women - and men - to stay healthy too, with regular screenings.
And she's enjoying life... Not worrying if her own cancer ever returns.

"But if it does it is what it is. I'll go through what i need to go through to take care of the situation and move on. Life is good."
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