Santa Claus is coming to..... an airport?

Santa Claus is coming to..... an airport?

A Canadian Airline called WestJet put on a remarkable, and heartwarming, stunt. Each of the 250 passengers boarding flights out of the Toronto and Hamilton International Airports were treated to a very real visit from a virtual Santa Claus.

The airline set up electronic Santa chat boxes in the terminals of the two airports, where passengers (children and parents alike) were able to tell Santa what they want for Christmas this year. While the planes departed for their destination, 150 WestJet employees reportedly went on a shopping spree to purchase personalized presents for everyone on board.

As the story goes, the passengers arrived at the baggage claim in Calgary greeted by hand-wrapped presents – exactly what they’d asked of Santa. The crowd unwrapped everything from toys and gadgets to flights home for the holidays. Some were brought to tears.

WestJet will donate flights if the video receives at least 200,000 YouTube views, Last year, the company set up a holiday flash mob in the middle of an airport. After receiving more than a half million video views, they donated flights to a family in need through their community investment program.

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